Do Something Grand

#DoSomethingGrand and celebrate Grandparents Day (Sunday, September 11) throughout the month of September!


Official Grandparents Day Take Action Guide: Are you ready to #DoSomethingGrand? Check out the official Grandparents Day Take Action Guide, Generations United created with support from “Far From Alone” and Humana, for tons of ideas on how you can celebrate intergenerational connections and make a difference in your families or communities.

Grandfamily Caregiver Tip Sheets: Generations United with support from our partner Humana, just released two new tip sheets on self-care and youth mental health for grandfamily caregivers. These tip sheets are filled with helpful information and resources for grandfamilies.

The Grand Ole Opry is Doing Something Grand: Thanks to our friends at Humana, we celebrated Grandparents Day at the Grand Ole Opry LIVE with Blake Shelton Saturday, September 10th. Missed the event – you can still access the live stream on Humana’s Facebook page and enjoy the concert with loved ones of all ages from the comfort of your home!

#DoSomethingGrand Celebratory Dance Videos:

Create a celebratory dance video with your family and friends in honor of Grandparents Day to Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” or your favorite song! Use the scripts below, create your video, and share it on your social media platforms. Remember to tag Generations United and #DoSomethingGrand! Try to keep it to 20 seconds!

Check out this wonderful example of 4 generations dancing from @krismichd!

Option 1: If you are dancing with at least one other person for the video.

  • Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “When you do a dance move and your grandparent/grandfriend adds their own “Grandparents Day” spin to it.”
  • Action from Person 1: The child/family member does a dance.
  • Action from Person 2: Grandparent/grandfriend does the same dance; adding in their own flavor.
  • Action from Person 1 & 2: Both parties laugh, hug, smile, etc., with each other and celebrate their bond together. End of video.
  • Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “Happy Grandparents Day!”

Option 2: If you are dancing alone for the video.

  • Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “Today, I’m dancing for (INSERT NAME OF YOUR LOVED ONE).”
  • Action: Just dance!
  • Caption (to be displayed as text on video): “Happy Grandparents Day!”

#DoSomethingGrand Activities:

Commit to doing one of the 10 grand activities listed below with your grandparents, grandfriends, grandchildren, or other loved ones. Remember to take a photo of the activity to share on social media, tag Generations United, and use the hashtag #DoSomethingGrand. 

  • Read a book with your grandfriends, grandparents, or grandfamily caregiver. 
  • Take a walk together through your neighborhood or favorite park. 
  • Share family stories of your favorite memories together, your family’s history, or look through a family photo album together. 
  • Go for an outing as a family (i.e. dinner at a restaurant, to the movies, skating rink, hiking, amusement park, etc.).
  • Cook a meal together using your favorite family recipe. 
  • Do an arts and crafts activity.
  • Have a virtual coffee or lunch date. 
  • Participate in an in-person or virtual family game night.
  • Volunteer together in remembrance of 9/11 or attend a 9/11 memorial service event.
  • Gather in person as a family and share kind words to honor those grandparents, grandfriends or older caregivers who are no longer here. Afterward, plant a tree or flower seed at a park, family garden, or special location to amplify their remembrance. 

#DoSomethingGrand Expressions of Love and Appreciation:

Show your love for your grandparents, grandfriends, or grandchildren by posting special notes and photos. Fill in the blanks in the statements below and share on social media, tag Generations United, and use the hashtag #DoSomethingGrand. 

  • “For Grandparents Day, I celebrate … because …”
  • “My favorite way to connect with my loved ones is…”
  • “My favorite memory of my grandmother/grandfather/grandfriend is …”
  • “My grandmother/grandfather/grandfriend inspires me by …”

Even those who are not on social media can participate in this too! From your own home, you can:

  • Write handwritten notes to your grandparents, grandfriends, or grandchild. Include in the envelope your favorite photos together. 
  • Call or video chat with your grandchild, grandfriends, or other loved ones and convey the love and appreciation you have for them.
  • Bake healthy treats and deliver them to your grandchildren, grandfriends, or loved ones. Or, pop in for a visit and bake them together!

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