Grand Things to Do

Everyday this week:

Do Something Grand and attend Generations United’s 2017 State of Grandfamilies Report Release event. This year’s report will focus on trauma, which impacts health. Register today!

Follow our Twitter, Facebook, and website and share the Generations United messages.  Check out our Grandparents Day Social Media Guide for sample content.  Make sure to tag your messages #DoSomethingGrand.

Let your grandparents, grandchildren and other older and younger people in your life know you think they are special.

In honor of Grandparents Day (Sept. 10th), Generations United is collecting stories to possibly feature on our Together Blog. Share your story about a memorable moment with a grandparent or grandfriend. Learn more

Learn about the many benefits intergenerational environmental health programs provide.

Encourage your friends and family, or help them, swap their regular Facebook profile or cover photos with one that includes their grandparents and/or grandchildren and keep it up throughout the week.

#TakeAGrandie for Generations United’s “Grandie” contest! Learn more

Tuesday, September 5

Fraser Johnson is a 20-year-old volunteer with Cycle Without Age, who is tackling social isolation by taking older adults for rides on his three-wheel bike. Learn more

This Grandparents Day, learn about an initiative bringing grandfamilies affordable, nutritious food.

Did you know that programs that connect generations may help reduce healthcare costs? Watch our video about why communities should #DoSomethingGrand and engage people of all ages this #GrandparentsDay!

Use Grandparents Day to have an intergenerational discussion with a young person or elder in your life the importance of vaccines for all ages. Here’s a guide to help start the conversation.

Wednesday, September 6

Check out our Take Action Guide and plan an intergenerational service activity.

Are you 50 or older? #DoSomethingGrand and join the #Gen2Gen campaign to help young people thrive! Learn more

In or near Riverdale, New York on Sunday? Celebrate Grandparents Day at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. Learn more

Protect your grand friends and get vaccinated with someone from another generation. Learn more

Thursday, September 7

Use Generations United and the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs’ (NANASP) placemats to start a mealtime conversation on vaccines with someone older or younger. Learn more

America’s Best #Intergenerational Communities are healthy places that engage all ages. See our current and past winners and national finalists.

Learn about the health benefits of intergenerational connections.

Take a Tour of Your Town. Learn more about your hometown with your grandparent or grandchild. See other ideas in our Take Action Guide.

Friday, September 8

If you’re an older adult, raise your voice on behalf of babies & toddlers! Join ZEROTOTHREE’s Think Babies campaign. Learn more

If you’re in or near Houston, TX, the Children’s Museum of Houston has a Grandparents Day celebration. Learn more

Our friend 90-year-old friend, Tom Taylor, shares the importance of vaccines for all ages. Watch the video.

Saturday, September 9

Interview a grandparent or grandfriend and enter Legacy Project’s Listen to a Life Essay Contest. Learn more

Senior Corps’ brief highlights the health benefits of volunteering. Learn more

It’s not rocket science; get a shot & protect your family for Grandparents Day! Wear the #BandAGEofhonor. Learn more

If you’re near Bad Axe, MI, be sure to check out the Johnny Prill Band’s free Grandparents Day concert! Learn more

Plant a tree together. Place the legacy of your grand relationship into the life of an ever-growing tree. See other ideas in our Take Action Guide.

Sunday, September 10 – GRANDPARENTS DAY

Encourage your friends and family to visit or contact their grandparents and grandfriends.

Volunteer together at a local Park. Pick up litter, clear out paths and remove weeds, all while being surround by the great outdoors! See other ideas in our Take Action Guide.

All Year Round

Do Something Grand throughout the year.  Check out the Generations United website for helpful information and resources.

Celebrate Grandparents Day all year long. Check out our Take Action Guide for ideas.

Start planning for next year’s Grandparents Day – Sunday, September 9, 2018.