Grand Ideas for Children, Youth and Young Adults

How can you make Grandparents Day a little grander this year? Do Something Grand with your grandparents or older adults in your community!  We’re calling on older and younger people to reach out to policymakers and begin one of the most important dialogues in our history: discussing how, as a country, we can address the many challenges facing future generations—from literacy to health and wellness to financial stability. Here are ways you can Do Something Grand:

Help Generations United Spread the Word About Grandparents Day

Change your Facebook profile to a picture of you with your grandparents or other special older adults in your life. In your status update, encourage your friends to Do Something Grand with a link to our site.  Here’s a sample message you can use:

In honor of Grandparents Week, I changed my cover photo. Join me and change your photo to one that celebrates grandparents. Happy Grandparents Day to all the incredible grandparents out there!

Do Something Grand Together

Whether they’re down the street or across the country, you can do something grand together with your grandparents and other older adults in your life. Our Take Action Guide provides you with meaningful suggestions and activities.

Read the guide, talk it over with the older adults in your life, and commit to do something grand together.

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