Grand Things to Do

Every day this week:

  • Follow our Twitter, Facebook, and website and share the Generations United messages.  Check out our Grandparents Day Social Media Guide for sample content.  Make sure to tag your messages #DoSomethingGrand.
  • Check your PBS local listings for “All The Difference,” a documentary by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Tod Lending, Joy Thomas Moore and Wes Moore, who serves on our National Center on Grandfamilies Advisory Council. Learn more
  • Let your grandparents, grandchildren and other older and younger people in your life know you think they are special.
  • Volunteer with and advocate on behalf of another generation.
  • Encourage your friends and family to swap their regular Facebook profile or cover photos with one that includes their grandparents and/or grandchildren and keep it up throughout the week.
  • #TakeAGrandie for Generations United’s “Grandie” contest! Learn more

Tuesday, September 6

  • Find out why, as a kid, our Operations and Social Media Manager Adam Hlava enjoyed going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in his “Grandparents Week Blog: Jack and Marion Hlava“.
  • If you’ll be in D.C. on Sept. 13, register for Generations United’s 2016 State of Grandfamilies in America Report Release! Learn more
  • Use Grandparents Day to have an intergenerational discussion with a young person or elder in your life the importance on vaccines for all ages. Here’s a guide to help start the conversation.
  • Grandparents and older adults raising kids are the “quiet heroes”. Watch President Obama’s tribute to his grandmother.

Wednesday, September 7

Thursday, September 8

Friday, September 9

Saturday, September 10

  • Pokémon Go has taken over the world. Did you know that this app could be a big step to bringing the generations together? Here’s our guide on how to maximize Pokémon Go’s intergenerational potential.
  • Check out the winners of the 2015/2016 Listen to a Life Essay Contest.
  • Involve Your Faith-Based Community. Ask your religious leader to mention Grandparents Day during a faith-based service or plan a special intergenerational service during this time. See other ideas in our Take Action Guide.

Sunday, September 11 – GRANDPARENTS DAY

All Year Round