Putting the “Grand” Back in Grandparenting After Vision Loss

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post appears courtesy of Debbie Worman, M.A., an instructor and Information and Referral Specialist with The Hadley School for the Blind. This article was inspired by Debbie’s own relationship with her late Grandma Ruholl, who faced the challenges of low vision, scleroderma, and leg amputation and “always had a way of making her grandchildren feel special.”

Grandparenting has been described as being one of the most joyous experiences of growing older.

However, if you are a grandparent facing the challenges of age-related vision loss, you may feel your joy diminished by fear and worry.

Perhaps you wonder, “How will I be able to care for and play with my grandchild?” or “What should I tell my grandchildren about my vision?”

Your concerns are valid and real, but you should not allow them to rob you of treasured moments with your grandchild.

The following suggestions will help you put the “grand” back in grandparenting after vision loss.