Gather Information

This suggestion is part of a longer piece by Debbie Worman, M.A., a faculty member at The Hadley School for the Blind. (Read Debbie’s intro.)

Don’t be deterred by the word “blind” when searching for resources.

Agencies such as the Hadley School for the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind both offer support to older adults with low vision.

Through its Low Vision Focus @ Hadley program, Hadley offers a series of free audio recordings available on CD that provide you with the tips and tricks needed to continue living well with low vision. (

The American Foundation for the Blind through offers information as well as personal stories on its SeniorSite. (

In addition, you may wish to locate the agencies in your state that provide vision rehabilitation serves.

Your degree of vision loss may require you to learn new skills. Inquire about specialized training in daily living, orientation and mobility, reading and writing, and assistive computer technology.

Gathering information and developing new skills will help you remain independent and build self-confidence.

Your grandchild will witness your efforts and learn valuable lessons about facing life’s challenges.