#DoSomethingGrand on Twitter

Follow us @GensUnited. Here are five simple ways to #DoSomethingGrand on Twitter

In the coming months we will launch Grandparents Day activities on Twitter via @GensUnited and #DoSomethingGrand. Stay tuned, tweet and re-tweet!

1. Follow @GensUnited on Twitter for the latest on Grandparents Day information and activities.

2. From September 8th-15th, use the hashtag #DoSomethingGrand to share what you did for Grandparents Day.

3. If you’re on the go, simply re-tweet us to be a part of the Grandparents Day trending topic.

Here are some sample tweets to get you started:

  • It’s Grandparents Week! Find out how you can #DoSomethingGrand www.grandparentsday.org #grandparents
  • We heart grandparents raising grandchildren. On Sept 9, read @GensUnited’s policy recs to #dosomethinggrand for grandfamilies
  • Children need a grandparent to grow more securely. Take @GensUnited’s Grand Face Grand Voice pledge at www.grandparentsday.org
  • Sep 8-15, I’m swapping my facebook profile to a photo with my grandchild (or grandparent). #DoSomethingGrand too.
  • Spread the word, it’s Grandparents Week! You can #DoSomethingGrand  www.grandparentsday.org #grandparents
  • I’m taking a grand stand for my grandchildren! #grandparents #DoSomethingGrand

4. Remember to ask your Member of Congress on Twitter what they’re doing for Grandparents Day. Use the hashtag #DoSomethingGrand. To find your Representative and Senators on Twitter, visit http://tweetcongress.org/.

5. Share your story. Tell us in 140 Characters or less how you stand up for children and youth. Make sure to use the #DoSomethingGrand hashtag, and maybe we’ll retweet it!