Do Something Grand on Facebook

Three Simple Ways to Do Something Grand on Facebook:

1. Like Generations United on Facebook to stay connected to our Grandparents Day activities and find out others across the country are Doing Something Grand!   

2. From September 8-15, change your Facebook profile to a picture of your grandchildren or your grandparents. In your status update, encourage your friends to change their photo too.

Here are a few sample messages you could use:

In honor of Grandparents Week, I changed my cover photo. Join me and change your photo to one that celebrates grandparents through September 15. Happy Grandparents Day to all the incredible grandparents out there!

Grandparents are our role models, our biggest fans, and some of our oldest friends. September 8th is Grandparents Day. As grandparents share wisdom, perspectives, and key civic values with us, let us take this week to appreciate and celebrate our original mentors.

3. In your status update, let people know why you are Doing Something Grand that week. “Share” your status with Generations United and we may feature it during the week!