Grand Things to Do

Every day this week:

  • Follow our Twitter, Facebook, and website and share the Generations United messages.  Check out our Grandparents Day Social Media Guide for sample content.  Make sure to tag your messages #DoSomethingGrand.
  • Let your grandparents, grandchildren and other older and younger people in your life know you think they are special.
  • Volunteer with and advocate on behalf of another generation.
  • Encourage your friends and family to swap their regular Facebook profile or cover photos with one that includes their grandparents and/or grandchildren and keep it up throughout the week.

Tuesday, September 8

Wednesday, September 9

Thursday, September 10

  • Check out past winners of Generations United’s Best Communities Awards for ideas on how to make your community more intergenerational. If your community is already a great intergenerational place, download the application [new link coming soon!] and apply today!
  • Learn what our Special Projects Director Sheri Steinig learned when she looked back on her luck in “Grandparents Week Blog: Fortunate
  • Check out The Hadley School for the Blind’s webinar (2pm CDT/3pm EDT), which offers suggestions and resources to help grandparents faced with age-related vision loss to put the “grand” back in grandparenting [link coming soon]

Friday, September 11

  • Here’s a tale of why our Office Assistant Bettina Thorpe-Tucker enjoyed playing on grandmother’s farm in “Grandparents Week Blog: Grandma Fannie”.

Saturday, September 12

  • Interview a grandparent/grandfriend and enter the Listen to a Life Essay Contest.
  • Read why our Special Projects Director Sheri Steinig was fortunate in “Grandparents Week Blog: Fortunate”.

Sunday, September 13 – GRANDPARENTS DAY

  • In Bad Axe, Michigan? Take your grandparents or grand friends to “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,” a free concert hosted by singer/songwriter Johnny Prill. Learn more
  • Live near Palm Beach, Florida? The Flagler Museum has an opportunity for you to share your own family history. Learn more
  • Encourage your friends and family to visit or contact their grandparents and grandfriends.
  • Do Something Grand with or for grandparents and grandfriends (ideas available in our Take Action Guide.

All Year Round

  • Do Something Grand throughout the year.  Check out the Generations United website for helpful information and resources.
  • Start planning for next year’s Grandparents Day – Sunday, September 11, 2016.